September 23, 2014


This report will give an overview of the mining site, the mining operation and the process flow to produce precious metals from mine tailings. Certain aspects of the mining process, such as the leaching process and the RenoCell recovery process will be discussed in more detail.

Report was done by Dr. Wullaert has a BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology, a MS in Materials Science from Northwestern University and a PhD in Materials Science from Stanford University. He is currently President of Bioguard Industries, Inc., a company specializing in functional liquid and materials science research. As Division Chief at Battelle Columbus, he supervised a staff of 50 scientist and engineers in contract research on nuclear materials, structural integrity, and materials testing. He was a Senior Scientist at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), where he advised top level DOE and NRC staff on nuclear materials issues, and managed several functional water programs.

Hondo Minerals contracted WRI/CC JV and Rich Lundin Mineral Exploration Consultant, Professional Geologist (AIPG) and Permitting Specialist and authorized him to acquire, review and report on all current and historical data on the current project at the Tennessee Mine near Chloride, AZ.

The focus of this study was to verify, quantify and qualify several aspects of the project. Lundin ascertained by review of historical records that no chemical processing of the ores utilized harmful or toxic chemicals and all recoveries and analyses were based on mechanical separation of elemental (“free”) metals. Therefore, any remaining “free” metals, as well as all chemically bound metals are available for potential recovery.

Richard J. Lundin is a BA, MA, RPA, ISAP, AIPG, a Mineral Exploration Consultant, Professional Geologist (AIPG), Permitting Specialist, Registered Professional Historical Archaeologist (RPA) and Remote Sensing Specialist (ISAP) (Airbourne & Archaeogeophysics)


Appendix Lundin Tennessee Report